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Current Studies

Attentional Influences on Steady-State Auditory Evoked Potentials:

The Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory is looking for participants to examine the way attention influences your brain electrical responses to sensory stimuli. By collecting and analysing Event Related Potentials (ERPs) while you perform an auditory oddball task, we can gain a better understanding of how attention effects these responses. Since these responses are different in certain clinical populations, a better understanding of these responses may aid in identifying or treating their specific neurological constraints.

NOTE: If you plan to participate in this study for class credit, be sure to check with your professor for approval first. If you or your professor have any questions regarding class credit, please email

Neural Correlates of Language Disorders in Children - (Not currently accepting participants)

The purpose of this study is to characterize the neural correlates of the behavioral speech and language deficits seen in children with acquired and developmental speech and language disorders. Participants have 1) a history of specific language impairment, 2) acquired language impairment, or 3) no significant problems with language development or function. Participants are evaluated for their speech and language abilities with paper-and-pencil and/or computerized tests. In addition, their brain activity will be measured while performing speech and language tasks using neuroimaging techniques.